Blue triangle butterfly

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ISBN: 0-646-46600-3
228pg paperback - A5, First edition 2006

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REMEDY - Graphium Sarpedon Choredon


The remedy of the Blue Triangle butterfly can be obtained here:


This book is the fully documented homoeopathic proving of a live Australian butterfly – the Blue Triangle (Graphium Sarpedon Choredon).  Along with the proving symptomatology and methodology, this book includes cases, peoples’ stories, and the symbolism and life history of the butterfly.


“This remedy had an effect on my awareness.  I felt more aware of my problems, wanted to try to fix them.  It had an effect on my feeling of well being.  I felt I had more energy and positivity.  I also felt at ease being alone, that it’s okay to be reclusive, it gave me an acceptance of myself.  I feel it is easier to be with myself now.  It gave me a different perspective on life.”  US


“I was amazed that the remedy brought complete stillness

in my mind.”  AM


“I have had more lightness and peace since taking the remedy.”  LL

“From doing the proving I got a real conscious understanding of how I respond in difficult interpersonal relationships and how illness has served me when I’ve been unable to cope or unscramble my brain enough to realise what was happening to me.  I have had more calmness and peace in my body since taking this remedy.”  LI

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